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Dr. Garcia was by far one of the best history professors I have ever had in my life. He made history accessible to every student in his classroom, whether they were history majors or fulfilling general education credits. His passion for his subject is infectious and his teaching methods are both engaging and challenging, making completion of his courses rewarding. His assignments are purposeful and student driven and he is prompt and thoughtful with his feedback. Any institution would be lucky to have him.  

P.J. Balliet-Arrucci

Master of Public Administration


Dr. Garcia is one of the most amazing History Teacher that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and worked with! He has taught me and my peers a variety of different histories from American Military History to Latin American History and where absolutely engaging. Furthermore, Garcia was very attentive of his students and knew exactly how to help them succeed in his classes. I could not recommend a more amazing, attentive and enthusiastic professor.

Keyla Lora

Communications Intern at Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation


There are many kind memories and instances that I could express about working with my friend, mentor, and fellow historian, Dr. Daniel Garcia. To be frank, there aren't many quite like him but that's what makes him a very special educator. During my time at The College of New Rochelle, Dr. Garcia was one of the few professors that actually energized me to come to class and learn from the very best in the field. Our historical conversations , have travelled all over the world from the "Cuban Revolution", to the "Ancient Gods of Greece and Rome", all the way down to the to the "Women Pirates of the Caribbean ". As I write this recommendation, I want all who encounter this post to know that Dr. Daniel Garcia is brilliant and is one of my mentors that have truly inspired me to make a difference by becoming an educator myself. Well done, fellow scholar. 

Samantha Levy

Special Education Teacher


Have known Doctor Garcia for 4 years; and have interacted with him extensively in his capacity as my professor of History at The College Of New Rochelle. During my courses and research, I have come to know Professor Garcia very well, and therefore can comment on some aspects of his teaching. Professor Garcia is a driven, organized profesor who develops inspiring relationships with his students. He is kind, caring, interesting, hard-working, creative, remarkable teacher and it has been a pleasure working with him. Professor Garcia has a wonderful rapport with students and faculty. An important aspect of Professor Garcia's interactions with students is his availability to answer questions; interest in students' work; ability to provide just the right amount of structure yet allow the student some independence to fully engage in the assignments and class. I personally have benefited from taking a class from Professor Garcia and sincerely hope that his efforts as a teacher will be rewarded in his future endeavours.

Alejandra Hernandez

Education and Outreach Manager at Pelham Art Center


I'm writing on behalf of my past history teacher, mentor, and friend. While touring the college in my senior year of high school I had the privilege of sitting in Dr. Garcia’s American history class. I had just begun to explore my love of history and was astounded at how comfortably I fell in with class. As a first generation college student I was apprehensive about my ability to acclimate to college life. It was that class that made me realize that I would not only get through college that I might actually excel. While the prospect of an all girls school an hour away from home had me a little dubious the idea of being able to have stimulating classes helped me to make one of the most pivotal decisions in my life slightly earlier. To rave on and on would be easy however, in the interest of being somewhat brief, all I have to say is this: Dr Garcia was one of the most extraordinary teachers I have ever had the privilege to learn under. 

Rachel Castillo

Customer Service / Sales Representative at True Earth Health Products


Dr. Garcia was a very engaging professor. He made learning about American history enjoyable by incorporating illustrations and videos into his lessons. Also, he made class discussions thought-provoking and encouraged us to view historical events from various perspectives.

Raquel Padilla

Student at The College of New Rochelle


Dr. Garcia was one of three professors who helped set me on my path to a history degree and teaching career. He showed my fellows at CNR and me that teaching and learning history can be fun if you take the time to put some extra effort into it. His classes were always fun and informative. 10/10 would recommend as a professor. 

Margaret Mary McMurray

Higher Education Professional

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Professor Garcia is a first rate genealogist and family historian. He provided a fascinating and detailed study of my father’s experience in the Navy During WWII. His included much more information, historical context and analyisis, than the genealogist I hired before him. 

He is a trained family historian (PhD from top a tier University), scholar and experienced researcher. He traced my father’s experiences during the end of the war during the massive repatriation campaign (Operation Magic Carpet.) He obtained his recruitment information, ship assignments and transfers, records pertaining to his station on Guam (radio tower operator), and discharge records. 

Professor Garcia, through a thought-provoking discussion, helped me think about what personal records I overlooked like photos, letters and a copy of "Tokyo Joe." He also helped me discover other important resources I did not realize I had including two living friends of my father who were also stationed on Guam. His line of questioning helped me remember important memories about my Dad that I did not think significant and rediscover forgotten memories. In the end he provided me with a genealogical narrative report that read as a biographical memoir. His in-depth investigation was detailed, took some time but was well worth it. Garcia is worth it!

Jack P.


Dr G was very good at teaching me basic conversation and preparing me for my TOEFL exam. He helped me with conversation and made my life much better at work and at school. He is very friendly and funny. He made me very comfortable and feel good about how I talk and how I write. Very good teacher. Nice person

Mei F.


First class genealogist and historian. Dr Garcia put together a family tree and history of my side of the family to show my children their missing roots. He is thorough and finds things you wouldn't even think about. Sharing this wonderful family history with my children changed everything. Thank you Dr Garcia


Willie G.


I recently changed careers and needed help revising my resume and cover letter. Daniel not only helped me revise and perfect my resume but helped me create an awesome LinkedIn profile. He taught me how to maximize my social presence on LinkedIn by building contacts and more. He has a gift for finding the best of who you are.

Eugene D.


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You need Doctor G!

Dr. Garcia helped me with a long and complicated WWII history research paper that I needed assistance with. His comments and online tutorial helped me to clarify my points, and to transform my ideas into a great paper. He is very smart and knowledgeable about history, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone that needs help with their history and writing. He is the best!


Thank you, Dr. G!

Dr. G. was very helpful for me. I needed help applying for pre-collegiate programs at competitive universities and Dr. G. made the lesson very interesting and fun. He was very fun to work with while also teaching me new things and making myself ask deep, insightful questions to better understand the material. Thank you!


Upbeat and dynamic resource

Daniel G. went beyond my expectations to guide me in the world of LinkedIn. He delivered a number of key insights about navigating through the process and the best ways to create a strong profile and presence on this platform. He was clear and precise on meeting my needs. I strongly recommend setting up a tutoring session with him. He was flexible, available and quickly responded to my request and additional questions. Walter


Tutor with knowledge and enthusiasm

Dan G. is very knowledgeable about American and Latin American history and politics. He is open to questions, and his presentation is exciting while based on solid scholarship. Our chat was very enjoyable and encouraged me to learn more.


Great history tutor!

I had trouble reviewing for my ap world test, and worked with Daniel for a session to clarify some details. Really great tutor, helped me understand the relationship between nations & things like chronological order of historic events. Also super interesting conversation, he great with both broad pictures and nuances.