Hybrid Online Tutoring Learning Management Interface



My tutorial packages rely on hybrid of synchronous (online, live and interactive sessions) and asynchronous (independent, “out-of-session”) assignments. Both are primarily delivered online, via course modules, exams and drills. Students complete their work within the scheduling parameters and study plans mutually agreed upon at the end of each session. That said, my work involves a substantial amount of asynchronous work as well—evaluating student progress, providing detailed feedback, consistently altering or customizing study plans and adapting daily vocabulary, reading and writing assignments to the student’s needs. In general, I commit at least one hour (typically more) asynchronous work for every hour of synchronous tutorials.

Online Learning: Google Classroom



As a private tutor, I rely on the robust services of Google Classroom (GC.) GC is a reliable and powerful Learning Management Platform associated with Google Drive. GC offers a diverse array of educational services, interpolating technology and various forms of student/tutor interconnectivity such as Gmail, google (video) chat, google hangouts, google docs (live editing and conferencing,) Google Forms/Quizzes and more. In short, GC allows me to effectively present and efficiently manage and customize a rigorous and customized digital curriculum. GC allows me to effectively present material and interactive assignments, to monitor student progress and accordingly modify a personalized course of study to the individual needs of a student. [NOTE: Students must obtain a Gmail account to access Google classroom and a requisite for accessing my services.]