Professor, Historian and Academic Tutor

Daniel Garcia PhD


I have supervised over 60 undergraduate senior theses and edited numerous  masters theses and PhD Dissertations.  

           I am a published scholar and an expert researcher and an accomplished Digital Historian (experienced in web-design, digital presentations, archiving, virtual /video game design and online teaching and learning.)  

        I am currently taking time off from academia as a History Professor to finish a book on War, Riot and Rebellion in Colonial America. I am a father of four and am currently raising my children (of various ages) in the South Bronx.   I am a friendly, engaging yet rigorously demanding educator, committed to high-end tutoring and academic mentoring—a worthwhile investment for scholars of all ages. You can view my current academic/educational/digital projects on my website at and perhaps a more indepth personal profile of my academic and teaching career on my LinkedIn page.